Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cowboys and Indians

So it was my little sister's birthday this past week and we threw her a cowboys and indians party. We did a photo shoot in their cute costumes, had cowboys and indians cupcakes, made macrame indian bracelets, and watched Back to the Future 3 (the wild west one). I think she really liked it and now I can't wait to plan next years party (it will be her sweet 16!!). Here are some of the pics I took enjoy!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I Heart Braids

So not too long ago I had a hair tragedy. Ok so that is a little dramatic but, I did have to cut alot of it off. I naturally have very curly hair (think Shirley Temple, but frizzier...) and I always used to straighten it because I hated it. I guess it was the, "Want what you don't have syndrome." Anyway this last year I had been straigtening it on the highest setting on my straightener which fried it and made my curl disappear forever (well, until it grows out again)! You would think this would make me happy, buttttt it was not beautifully straight hair, it was half curly on top straight on the bottom hair which was NOT attractive. So, in order to bring back the curls I had previously not appreciated I got my hair cut into a short bob. I am letting it all grow out again and if I do want the straight look I use the blow dryer and my straightener on a LOW setting. That long story was to say why I am so in love with the following hairstyle and can not wait until I can wear it again!! I absolutely love braids! Right now i can only do small little ones to hold the front of my hair back but hopefully soon I can do the pretty long ones again!!

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