Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Letterpress Process

Remember when I was talking about Letterpresses and all of the awesomeness they encompass?? Well, I just stumbled upon this video that explains the entire letterpress process in a much better way then my semi lucid rambling. So here you go, a beautiful video that will completely explain the process from start to end...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

DIY: Pin Shadowbox

I don't know about you, but I tend to accumulate a ton of random craft/decorating items that sometimes get forgotten in the depths of my office/craft room. Imagine my delight when I rediscovered this shadow box I had bought last year. Since I no longer work at Starbucks I have a ton of pins (which we would earn for various reasons) that are going unused. Unfortunately the back of this particular box was not very cute, black, velvet, and all around cheesy. My solution, cover it up! I pretty much recovered this backing like I would have a chair but instead of stapling I glued.


What you need...

• shadow box (I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
• tan fabric
• burlap
• glue gun
• scissors (preferably fabric ones)


This DIY job is pretty simple and self explanatory. I first covered the backing with tan fabric since the burlap was a little see through and the black would definitely show. I used the glue gun around the perimeter of the backing, leaving a little extra fabric hanging over the edges. I then trimmed the fabric so it was flush with the backing and repeated the process with the burlap.


I honestly used the burlap because it was what I had lying around, but I really do like how it came. Burlap does kind of go with coffee right? Those big burlap sacks of beans are often used to decorate coffee shops. You can of course use whatever fabric you prefer. I hope you try this out if you have any type of pin collection you would like to display. Let me know how it goes!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Skinny Love

Oh my goodness, this little girl is amazing! And I say little because she was only 14 when she did this video (I believe she is 15 now). Her Bon Iver cover is so beautiful, love everything about it!! Just thought I would share the loveliness.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wear It: Elsa Billgren


Let me just say Elsa's blog may be one of my absolute favorites! She has thee cutest style, a fabulous job, and an adorable husband. I am pretty sure she blog's for Elle but I am not quite positive because everything on her page is in Swedish because she lives in Sweden! Awesome right? I love seeing what fashionable girls around the world wear. From what I have gathered from Google translate (very helpful little tool) is that for a while Elsa worked at an upscale vintage store, which explains all of her pretty dresses! I am seriously jealous of her collection, all frilly and dainty, perfect for a fashionable girl on the town.


Not only can Elsa wear a dress, but I absolutely adore the silhouette she usually goes with. A-Line has always been my personal cup of tea. It is well suited for my height and body shape and is also super lady like which I love. Elsa also pairs most of her dresses with some fabulous shoes, she def has a closet I would love to raid! Most of them are heels or wedges which of course look great with dresses, the whole elongating the leg action is always something us girls welcome. I only put up a few of the many photos from Elsa's blog I encourage you to check it out for the rest it is def a must read!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

I've been working on basic stuff lately, now that my work schedule has become pretty normal. I actually have had a second to catch my breath so now I can get back to the everyday boring stuff. Here is my stuff to get done because I have to stop procrastinating list:

• make eye, dental, reg check-up, foot and hair appointments (I am a car that needs to go to the shop haha)
• clean room
• clean car (sort of done with this already)
• clean office (a never ending task)
• organize Etsy stuff (not gonna lie dreading this just a little)
• hang out with friends! (been neglecting and it's time to party!)
• check out photography classes for Fall
• find comfortable AND stylish shoes for work (impossible!)
• get more blog posts together!!
• get some healthy meals/recipes together

andddd I am probably forgetting like 7,000 things but, OH WELL!! While I try to think of more things to add to my list here are some Instagr.ams [if you would like to follow my name is theebrownowl] I have taken lately...

Photos include my brand new whats with the cattitude? nail polish, new American Eagle shoes (I know who knew??), my new fav. floral top (Anthro of course), some awesome movies for my collection, my new Not Made in China tote, my semi clean office, and catching up on my Google Reader.
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