Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hoot Hoot

It is obvious that I love owls. I can't quite pinpoint when the love fest for these big eyed birds began but I know it's been a while. Maybe it's because they remind me of myself (everyone always says I have big eyes, and I don't mean this in a conceited way it's just what everyone identifies me with most!) which is kind of where my logo came from. I don't know that it is supposed to be me but maybe it was inspired by me and a old photo of me with a really big pink bow on...

Baby Nicole! I think I was about 3 here.

Anyway I am just in love with their cute little faces and have started collecting all kinds of owl related things. I will have to take a picture of my entire collection one of these days. So until then I think I will make this post my Ode to Owls!!

Here I am with my favorite cookie ever!! We were selling them at Starbucks so of course I snagged some for myself!

Owl Bank $12.99

Towel $18

Necklace $4.80


  1. Owls are lovely. I specialy like the necklace <3.
    I've seen your post about what you want for christmas and i'd like to prevent you about the Cuff from F21. I bought it last summer and, well... Do you like silver? Because its gold colour only lasts about one week and then it turns silver :)
    Such a nice blog <3

  2. I love owls too! You've found some pretty amazing ones on here. Thanks for visiting my blog, i loved reading your answers xx


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