Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thrift It: Household Items

So the other day me and my friend went thrifting and i found some pretty awesome house hold items...
I loved the colors in this lamp!! I don't love this shade on it but that can always be changed. This lamp was deff. a steal at $4.04. All it really needed was a good scrub and a little bit of black paint on the base.

LOVE LOVE this plate! I am collecting as many vintage plates as I can for my future house. I love the idea of a bunch of mismatched plates instead of a set of typical uniform ones. And at .80 cents how could I pass this one up?

And finally I leave you with my new favorite song to play while driving in the car...


  1. okay...idea for next mindy/nicole date:

    remake that regina spector music video. taking turns running up to the camera with a radio that we've thrifted and filming...yes?


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