Monday, April 19, 2010


So, my major is Graphic Design and Advertising and drawing is not my strong suite. I work much better on the computer and excel more with the blending of colors end than the technical drawing end. But of course I have to have some basic knowlege of drawing for this field so I had to take a drawing class. Here are some drawings from the sketchbook I had to keep for Drawing 1. I always wonder what people choose to sketch in their sketchbooks so i thought i would share mine, and yes i know i have a long way to go...


  1. cool sketches dear, i like these a bunch

  2. i love these, nicole.
    the crosshatching. love it.

  3. thanks girls!!
    and i have discover crosshatching is my favorite drawing technique ever!!

  4. i love the last one of Sherlock.really cool!


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