Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Little Garden State

Have I mentioned I am from New Jersey...


The shore to be exact. I was technically born in New York, but my family is from the shore and that is where I have collectively spent most of my life. We have lived there on and off and it is the place that feels most like home. Yes, the rumors are true... We are Italian, most of our neighbors are Italian, we eat pasta every sunday, we are loud, we are tan (not orange those are the medigans that are trying to be Italian), we love the Yankees, we have an abnormal obsession with our motherland and have the need to put the Italian flag everywhere, The Godfather boxed set sits proudly on the mantel, and Frank Sinatra can be heard somewhere in the background of any major get together. I can not say that I have held onto all of the traditions of my Jersey now that we have moved down South, but I can say every once in a while I miss the chaos and delicious smells of my Grandma's house. Which is why I am excited that I get to visit my little state this week! I can't wait to get some coffee at Wawa, grab a poppy seed Manhattan bagel, have some lasagna, not have to pump my own gas, go to NYC, see my best friend, and meet my cousin's new little baby Vincenzo (Vinnie for short, too cute right)!! Hopefully this will be a great trip and I will be sure to share the stories when I get back! (If you are super curious how my trip is going I will probably post pictures and updates on my Twitter while I am there).

Oh! And let me explain the picture above. That is my best friend and I at the Jersey Shore house, yes Snooki has most likely stood in that very spot before... I actually wasn't a big Jersey Shore fan at first, but one night while flipping through the channels I saw my cousin on one of the episodes (he was "The Cop" in season one if you are curious) and I have been hooked ever since. Like everyone else it has become my guilty pleasure. I justify it by saying I need to watch because it reminds me of home and I have to see if I can spot anyone else I know. It has become a fun game of "Where's the Guido?"


Well, it was fun sharing a little about my life. I will be back to posting when I get back!! I hope everyone enjoys their Spring Break!


  1. Your work is just lovely...have to add your store to my faves! Awesome!
    Kristina J.

  2. love the pictures! The outfit is cute!


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