Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Seen It: Anatomy of a Murder


This Valentines Day I bought my mom a little old movie called Anatomy of a Murder. Not exactly Valentines Day themed, but still a terrific movie. I honestly love any movie Jimmy Stewart is in, and it doesn't hurt when there is a little eye candy involved (Ben Gazzara). You can def. file this movie under courtroom drama but don't worry the entire movie is not shot in a stuffy room. You will take the ride along with Stewart from the jail to Barney Quill's bar (the scene of the town's most recent murder). Jimmy plays a former district attorney who is hired by a young army lieutenant named Frederick Manion to clear him from the murder charge he has looming over him. Manion has found himself in need of a good lawyer after shooting Barney Quill, a bar owner who allegedly raped his wife. It is obvious from the start that Manion and his wife Laura are not going to be helping Stewart prove his innocence. Between Laura's scandalous behavior and dress, and Manion's hot head and jealous rage it looks like Stewart has his work cut out for him. Not only is this a very interesting story, but it is also one that keeps you thinking. I personally believe the ending is meant to keep you guessing about what really happened that day that a jealous husband found his promiscuous wife stumbling home with what proved to be a fatal story.

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