Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nowhere Boy


Let me start off by saying the second I saw this trailer I could not WAIT to see this movie. Unfortunately it took forever to release in the US so I had to wait patiently. My love for The Beatles started in 8th grade when my Mom popped in a mix CD on a long car ride. By the chorus of "We Can Work it Out" I was hooked. Whichever friend of hers made that CD really deserves a gigantic hug. Not only were the Fab Four on there but I was also introduced to The Monkees, The Kinks, The Who, The Doors... and so many more. That first CD was really all I needed to jump start my love for The Beatles and classic rock in general. I ran with it. I read every article I could find on The Beatles, watched every bit of YouTube footage, rented every movie they were in, and read every biography written (I highly recommend Hunter Davies). I even did a cause effect paper on them in high school. It was entitled "The Beatles effect on America" In case you were curious I got an A! I seriously became obsessed. While I still love my Beatles I have packed up all of my peace sign jewelry, and put away my woodstock posters. I am no longer in my "hippie phase" as my Mom so annoyingly used to call it. But my love for the Beatles will never go away.

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