Thursday, May 26, 2011

Want It: Wooden Letterpress Alphabet


I don't know if you have noticed but I have been posting a lot of design related stuff lately. I promise it is not on purpose. I still love florals, owls, and lace dresses. I guess I have subconsciously been exploring another facet of my interests. Which brings me to a major want of mine lately... A vintage wooden letterpress alphabet set! Being a graphic designer I have a great appreciation and love for where our trade has come from. Wooden type, for those of you who don't know was used in early printing (as well as today) to create posters, pamphlets, and pretty much anything that needed type printed on it. Not only are these type letters historical, but they are just so pretty!! Right now I own only three pieces of wooden type. All letter "N" and I love them to pieces but I would truly love a whole set! Too bad most alphabet sets are around $100. I guess I will just have to keep up the yard sale hunt till I find a deal on my very own wooden alphabet.

P.S. Here is an awesome video about type you may want to check out, I guess this could have almost been a "Design It" post, oh well...

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