Thursday, June 2, 2011

I've been working on basic stuff lately, now that my work schedule has become pretty normal. I actually have had a second to catch my breath so now I can get back to the everyday boring stuff. Here is my stuff to get done because I have to stop procrastinating list:

• make eye, dental, reg check-up, foot and hair appointments (I am a car that needs to go to the shop haha)
• clean room
• clean car (sort of done with this already)
• clean office (a never ending task)
• organize Etsy stuff (not gonna lie dreading this just a little)
• hang out with friends! (been neglecting and it's time to party!)
• check out photography classes for Fall
• find comfortable AND stylish shoes for work (impossible!)
• get more blog posts together!!
• get some healthy meals/recipes together

andddd I am probably forgetting like 7,000 things but, OH WELL!! While I try to think of more things to add to my list here are some Instagr.ams [if you would like to follow my name is theebrownowl] I have taken lately...

Photos include my brand new whats with the cattitude? nail polish, new American Eagle shoes (I know who knew??), my new fav. floral top (Anthro of course), some awesome movies for my collection, my new Not Made in China tote, my semi clean office, and catching up on my Google Reader.


  1. oh goodness,
    i love those sandals..i would have never thought American Eagle!

  2. i know right!! and they were even buy one get one half off so my sister got a pair and we went splitsies!


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