Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just Checking In

Let's see I don't know where to begin. First of all I had to work on the 4th, one of my most favorite holidays ever!! Which is why all I have is this fuzzy iPhone picture to show for my day. Bummer. I know. On the bright side I did get to see some fireworks!! I also just got back from vacation last week. I went to Charleston with some girls and it was so beautiful! I really recommend Charleston for your vacationing needs. Unfortunately I forgot my camera on the trip, so I only have some iPhone pics yet again, ugh! I need to get back to photographing my life! In other news I really am working on my Etsy shops and some blog stuff, which I know I say all the time. But this time I am trying my hardest to get everything up and organized. I am also deciding what I will be doing about my schooling this upcoming semester. School is just too far away (2 hours back and forth) for me to afford the gas to get there. I may wind up taking two more classes and just get my design certificate, concentration in Typography. I will probably also start photography classes and get to buying that new camera (Canon 5D Mark II) I have been swooning over. Anyways, sorry this wasn't much of a post, just checking in!! More to come soon!

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