Sunday, October 10, 2010

Seen It: Some Like It Hot

Oh my goodness this has to be the best Marilyn movie ever!! My mom, sister, and I loveeee this movie so much, it is def. our "girls night go to movie." Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis, are such a perfect match up!! The main story line is, Tony and Jack are two musicians in quite a sticky situation. While playing at a "club" one night they are involved in a police raid and are forced to flee the scene. When they arrive to steal a girlfriends car to get away they witness a shooting by a famous mobster. Now they must flee the wrath of the mob. In order to do so they join an all girls musical group donning full on ladylike disguises. Only problem is, there are some gorgeous, tempting ladies in this group including the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. What are two men fleeing the mob dressed up as women supposed to do? You will just have to watch and find out!

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