Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Finds

Ok, so I have decided that each Friday I am going to feature 10 things that I have found throughout my week that I find fun and interesting. They will be called Friday Finds. I read a ton of blogs and love to look up clothing, design, and photo related things that hopefully you will love to learn about too...

1. Head Wraps

Sometimes my hair is not bouncing and behaving properly and I just need to get it up and out of my face. So why not add a really colorful scarf or bandanna to make it look just a little bit cuter.

2. Heart Shaped Sunglasses

I love these things! I think they are adorable and can be worn with tons of outfits. You could totally be wearing a uptight navy blazer and BAM! some red heart shaped sunglasses make you so cute and approachable.

3. Cute Cupcakes

I literally stood in Barnes and Noble and looked at every single cupcake in this book. I drove my sister nuts going, "OMG look at this one!! Ahhhh this is sooo cute!" I loveee making my friends and fam cute birthday cakes (and cupcakes) and I have deff. been inspired after looking through this book.

4. Neon Graveyard

How awesome is this?!?! Las Vegas is famous for all of it's shiny neon signs, but sadly not every sign shines forever. The Neon Graveyard (or Boneyard) is where all of these fabulous signs go to die. But don't worry you can still go see these beautiful signs at a sight downtown. It is one of my goals to do a photo shoot there!!

5. The IT Crowd

I am sorry but I hate The Office. Admit it you don't know why your laughing, you are just laughing because you think you are supposed to. The IT Crowd deff. kicks The Office's butt! This British comedy is hilarioussss.

6. Vintage Dresses

I loveee vintage dresses! Whenever I go to the Thrift store that is the first section I head for. This is probably because I am afraid that someone else is going to snatch up the one adorable dress left before I get there. Don't laugh I have caught many a little old lady grabbing the perfect dress right before my eyes (they really do have good taste). Anyway, Bluebird Vintage does all of the work for you, so you don't have to risk the need to take down little old ladies.

7. Where the Wild Things are Party

How stinkin cute is this party?! I love theme Birthdays, actually I just love Birthdays period. They are my favorite thing in the world!

8. Custom Anne Boleyn Necklace

I love this necklace!! If you watch Ugly Betty you've seen America Ferrera sporting one these. But the original fashionista that wore this was Anne Boleyn back in the 1500's. I am deff. going to snag one of these sometime soon!

9. Vintage Playing Card Collection

I love looking at a Collection a Day, and this is one of my favorite collections so far. How cute would these look as decoration framed on the wall?!

10. 4th of July Smoke Bombs

I have alwayssss wanted to try this. It looks like so much fun and makes for GREAT pictures!! I have no idea how these work or if their even safe to use so be careful if trying this at home...

So there it is, my first Friday Finds Post!!! Now I'm off to go thrifting!

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