Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Finds #2

Alright guys here is my second Friday Finds Post. I was thinking about maybe having themes to these posts instead of haphazard choices, but I don't know. Maybe even some will all be one color. We'll see how it goes. In other news, Gabby and I will have another very fun adventure in the near future. This time it will be antiquing! So check back soon i promise you will love it!!

1. Sun Hats

I have decided I love sun hats! Why did these ever go out of style?? I am taking this acne medication that makes it so I really shouldn't be in the sun too much so I am thinking I am going to grab myself one of these. And I do not plan on looking like and old lady either. Who says you can't wear a sun hat and still look hot?

2. DIY Handkerchief Artwork

What a cute idea! Your old handkerchiefs can take on a whole knew life, on your wall! If you don't have any of your own handkerchiefs you can easily pick some up at your local thrift store. At an average of three bucks a pop you can create this wall art without breaking the bank.

3. Salvation Mountain

Salvation mountain is located in California not far outside Slab City. It is an art installation made of adobe, straw, and tons of paint. Leonard Knight created this art piece to show that God loves everyone. I love the colors and the message!! I really want to take photos here one day, yet another place to add to the list!

4. Carnival Kids Room

Can you say adorable?! I love this room! One of my favorite places in the world has to be the fair/carnival. It is colorful, fun, and downright awesome! I also loveeee kids rooms. I feel like it is much easier to be creative and fun with their rooms.

5. Love Meter Necklace

He loves me... He loves me not... How cute! I love this necklace! It's cute, whimsical and original. I feel like it would match some of my outfits really well... except I do NOT need to spend anymore money! Why does this have to be so tempting...

6. Blue Kite Photo

Sooo I may be partial because I know these guys, but I LOVE their photos! Juliet and Michael are a (super cute) couple who take awesome photos together. They are so creative and do amazing work! Love you Juliet!!

7. DIY Teacup Bird Feeder

Kaelah Bee is a super cute girl with a super cute DIY. How adorable is this?! Not only is it a feeder, the cup is also a little bird bath. Once I get my own house I will be putting one of these in the yard for sure.

8. Floral Sneakers

I don't wear sneakers that often but these are just too cute to pass up. They are also super cheap, $13 is deff. a steal!! Right now they are out of my size, fingers crossed they get more back in stock!

9. Red Velvet Dress Shop

Vintage dresses galore! Elsie has put some precious vintage dresses for sale in her shop. I love that she has altered some of the longer ones too. I constantly find dresses at the thrift store that are too long and would look cute with just a little tweaking. Here she has done all the work for you!

10. Banner Pillow

As you can tell from my Brown Owl Banner i am a sucker for these little triangle banners. I love them whether they are used in illustration, decorations for a party, or even on a cute little pillow. This pillow is deff. high on the cuteness scale! Love it!

Hope you loved it! Now I'm off to get my hair cut, pics to come!


  1. awwwwww! we were featured in nicoles blog! oh so exciting! you are TOO sweet!

  2. i loved putting you guys in here!!


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