Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Finds #11

Friday Finds two weeks in a row! What?! I know, I know, I am trying here!! This week has been extra busy with two projects due, one of them on Miracle Gro yeah... don't ask... I kind of hated it. I am going to start working on headbands again soon and will hopefully post more about that, maybe show some shots of the studio even though it is no where near done. Anyways, here is this weeks Friday Finds, Enjoy!!

1.Cake Hat

How stinkin adorable is this little hat?? I love, love, love Elsa's blog, which I somehow need to learn how to translate better, because I want to know everything she is saying! I do know she has some of the greatest pictures, and what looks like a pretty fab/adorable life... I don't need words to figure that out.

2. Vintage Dresser DIY

This shade of teal is probable one of my favorites. It just screams shabby chic/vintage. I kind of hate that term "shabby chic." I don't know why, I just don't like how it sounds. But for right now that is the only way I have of describing this adorable dresser.

3. Bow Belt

Love this belt! It is no secret I am a sucker for cute, adorable, pastel items. Whether it is for my wardrobe or home I just LOVE the little delicate touches. I especially love the pairing with the little white dress in the picture, too cute!!

4. Unicorn Necklace

Yes, I love unicorns... Don't scoff! They are super cute and you know it!! Sometimes I think little whimsical touches are fun with certain outfits. And honestly, if I can't wear unicorn necklaces in my 30's, then why not get it out of my system now...

5. Vintage Wedding

This has to be the cutest little bride I have ever seen! From her adorable cat eye glasses down to her amazing dress and pink cardigan, she is a great example for brides everywhere. She stayed true to herself and her style therefore, she looked effortlessly gorgeous on her big day.

6. Vintage Clothing in Vogue

I love that the entire world is beginning to embrace vintage clothing and silhouettes. I guess Mad Men may have a big part in this new fashion phase. Wherever the inspiration came from, I am just super excited that it is starting to show up in more and more stores.

7. DIY Contest

Are you a DIY queen??? Then you need to enter this contest!! I love when great creativity is rewarded. What a fun way to win a couple of extra bucks. Can't wait to see the winner!

8. Pretty Print

Remember the Meadowlark Etsy shop I featured not too long ago? Well, Becky has created a cute new portrait for the shop. This new little girl may be one of my favorites! Adorable!!

9. Vintage Oxfords

I LOVE these shoes. Tiny Toad Stool has a really adorable blog where she shares her outfits from day to day. Sometimes she even decides to sell some of her great finds. These shoes are just one of the articles of clothing for sale in her shop. If only my feet were smaller!

10. Floral Steps

Umm adorable floral steps?? Yes please! I plan on finding a cute little old house with amazing stairs just like this that I can wallpaper. P.S. This cute house will also be white with black shutters and have little window boxes with tons of greenery in them. Yes, that is what my dream house looks like...

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