Thursday, September 2, 2010

Type Project: Self Portrait

I have finished my first project of the semester! Thank God!! It was for type class. We had to first pick a font that described us as person. I picked Tuna and Hot Dogs on Rye from Dafont because it was cutsie and fun. I hope that describes me... I also loveeeed that it had swirls in it. Like I said before I am OBSESSED with swirls. Next we had to pick a picture of ourselves to work from. I picked the one below because I wanted a picture where my hair was curly, and I liked that my eyes were closed (didn't have to tackle the eyes then... sneaky, I know). Finally we had to create a self portrait out of the type we had chosen, using only the letters in our name. I guess it wasn't too bad... It did take a little bit of time because I have not completely mastered Illustrator yet, but I am getting there! Of course I played up my curly hair with the giant swirls, which is probably my favorite part.

1. Pick Font

2. Pick Photo

3. Put Them Together

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