Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday Finds #13

I know this is a day late but like they always say, better late then never. I don't know who that proverbial "they" is but in this case I agree with them. I had so many things starred in my Google Reader I had a hard time narrowing these Friday Finds down. Here are the ones that made the cut, enjoy!!

1. Flower Headband

Oh my goodness how beautiful is this headband?! I can't tell if the flowers are real or not... I don't think so though. Either way I really want to make one!

2. Wall of Suitcases

I looove this wall of suitcases so much. If I could afford to have a custom suitcase wall built in my room I would do it in a heartbeat.

3. Owl Print

This print is actually used on a lunch box, and I looove it! I would actually buy the lunch box if 1. I could find out if they shipped to the US and 2. If I didn't already buy the cutest elephant lunch box.

4. Sherlock Holmes' Apartment

I know you guys already know how much I love Sherlock Holmes. Which is why I absolutely love this print of his apartment! How cute would this be framed on my wall?!
The answer is super cute!!

5. Cute Carousel

I loooove the carousel! It is my favorite ride at the fair... well maybe it is tied with the Ferris Wheel... I don't particularly love it for it's speed but more for it's beauty (and cuteness). I have seen this specific carousel on a couple of blogs and I absolutely loooooove it!! I am pretty sure it is in France, guess I just need to make a trip there now...

6. Birdhouse Wallpaper

Yes, I am a sucker for cute wallpaper. When Is saw this birdhouse wallpaper I fell in love. I don't know what room I would actually want to put it in, but I do know I want it!!

7. Cupcake Print

I love cupcakes and cute prints. Making this adorable print one of my new favorites. Sara Olmos is an awesome graphic designer from Rome, and thankfully she sells her art on Etsy so all of us in the US can snag some of her adorable prints.

8. Bedroom Makeover

This before and after is amazing! I love love love the butterflies, too cute! You haveee to click the source link and check out the before, what a big difference!

9. New Penguin Classic Covers

I am that person, the one who buys things almost solely on their design/how cool they look. I guess that explains my chosen profession (Graphic Design). And these covers are adorable!! I can't wait till they come out I want them all!

10. Owl Purse

Cutest owl purse ever!! Too bad you can only find it in Italy... I guess I just haveeeee to make that trip to Rome now. Actually, it wouldn't be such a bad idea for me to visit my Motherland...


  1. Oh my God!! I love all things sherlock and this print is AWESOME!! as is the wall of suitcases even I would have one if i could in a second.

    The owl is really cute. its everything you love isnt it florals and owls :)

  2. yes!! it is everything i love!!! :)


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