Saturday, August 28, 2010

Featured Favorite: Nan Lawson Etsy Shop

I love the prints in this Etsy Shop! They are so cute and whimsical, I just want them all (especially this very first one with the mustache)! Nan does a great job of incorporating adorable quirky characters into her amazing illustrations. I especially love that she does custom portraits. They are usually of precious couples (the last four in this post are commissioned work). She also includes some original characters like these first four portraits. How awesome is her "I'm not a hipster I just dress like one" illustration?! I completely agree with that one! I sometimes dress like a hipster, but I def. am not one. First of all I don't smoke, and second of all i don't have a bearded boyfriend who wears Buddy Holly readers... Not that I would mind one of those... To check out the rest of her work click HERE.

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