Friday, August 13, 2010

Inspired by It: Alison Sudol

I have been in love with A Fine Frenzy since my early high school days. Alison Sudol not only has an amazing voice, but also an incredible sense of style. I would like to say this is about the time I really became aware of what I was wearing and started taking an interest in fashion. I slowly started shopping at thrift and vintage stores. It sounds kind of silly but Myspace had a lot to do with my new sense of "style." It opened up my view and I was able to see how other people in other parts of the Country, and World dressed. Alison was one of those people. I loved her vintage dresses and how she was always wearing tights. She looked so gorgeous, and I wanted to find outfits just like hers. I also always admired her bright red hair. I would never dye my hair such a bold color, and I usually don't love when other people do either (God gave you your natural color for a reason, because that is what looks best on you) but some how she pulled it off. Alison has been a fashion inspiration for many years now, and continues to put out great albums, I really can't wait to see what she does next.

All Images from Google Images, We♥it, and bands Myspace page.

P.S. Don't worry Friday Finds will come later today...

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