Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Want It: Owl Mug Set

OK, first of all major apologies I have been a terrible blogger lately. School has just started and it is already kicking my butt! I am taking three classes (Type I, Design II, and Photographic Imaging) and I really do like all of them, it's just a ton of work. I always laugh when people scoff and say art classes are so easy. Not only is art subjective (I can get an A from one teacher a D from another on the same exact project) but it also takes much more time then say, a page of Algebra problems. In Algebra 1+1=2, but in art class there are no set factual answers, it can really be anything. Trust me, that is not always so freeing. It sometimes makes projects incredibly stressful because, you don't know exactly what your teacher wants and they are not always so willing to tell you either (sometimes I think they get some weird enjoyment from watching you try to guess what they really want). Besides all of that, the actual project takes a lot of time and work, your not just throwing out equations you are creating entirely new ideas and creations. I actual have a friend that said she spent much more time on her Drawing I homework then her advanced business classes. And she is very artistic, it was not because she had to overcompensate or anything. Alright, that's enough of my "Art is just as challenging and important as any other major rant." Also, let me clear up the case of the missing "Wore It" posts. I really was not liking the format/feel of them, so I have decided to hold off until I have completely settled on a look for them. I will def. get to them, promise.

Now, on to the real reason for this post, this ADORABLE owl mug set! I have wanted one of these owl mugs for as long as I can remember. I have always been hoping and praying that one of these days I will stumble upon one in my thrifting adventures, but no luck yet. I probably should just suck it up and buy one for $8 on Etsy. I guess the thrill of the thrifting hunt just seems more special/exciting to me. If I ever found a set like this, I think the Value Village workers may need to pick me up off the floor, because I would literally faint. I would def. scoop this set up now if it was just a little cheaper... Check it out HERE.

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