Thursday, August 12, 2010

Want It: Seychelles Pastel Heels

This is going to sound so silly but I actually have broken my little pinkie toe! I accidentally dropped the gigantic vacuum on my tiny toe and now it is all black and blue and sore. Sadly, I can not get around and do as much as I had wanted to this week which is extra terrible because school starts next week and I have sooo much to get done! But the silver lining is I can sit in bed and get all of my computer work done. Which means tons of posting! I really need to make up for the week of no posting so get ready!!

On to the star of this post, these beautiful little pastel heels. I know I have spoken of my love of Seychelles shoes before. I really can't take it they are just too adorable! I especially love the color of these. This shade of pink is one of my favorites. I would love to wear these with a really cute dress and maybe some lace or even plain white tights.
Hopefully they will go on sale soon!! Fingers crossed. P.S. How funny is it that I am doing a post on huge heels and I have a little broken toe that would not even be able to go in them right now. To grab these shoes click HERE.

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