Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Finds #10

Look! It's Friday Finds!! Sorry they have been missing the last couple of weeks. Schools been well, school. I thankfully have a photography class which makes it a little more bearable. Who doesn't like take photos for 5 hours? Yes... it is a 5 hour class... I have tons of projects I am already working on. One of them being a self portrait made of type, yeah not so easy... If you follow me on twitter you have already seen a peek of that. When I am all done I will put it on here. Until then here are some Friday Finds, enjoy...

1. Pastel Bridesmaids

Cute bridesmaid dresses alert! I have mentioned before how much I appreciate when brides pick out unique and even vintage bridesmaid dresses, and I especially appreciate when they are pastel! I am obsessed with pastels! And blush pink!! OH I just love it!

2. Tea Cup Collection

How adorable is this?? I am almost inspired to start my own tea cup collection. Like I need another thing to collect (owls and model ships have already taken over my room I don't even know where I would fit tea cups). Oh well, for something this cute I could make room!

3. Couple Illustration

Love! Love this! Not only is this a beautiful illustration, but how cute is this couple?? I am about to go braid my hair and stick a giant pink flower in it. Sooo cute!

4. Ruffle Socks

I think sometimes the little details make the outfit. These socks would be an example of just that. How could these adorable socks not be in my wardrobe?

5. Mustache Necklace

Love this necklace! I especially love that she combined two things I love, mustaches and embroidery. Beatrice has some adorable stuff in her shop, as well as a great blog where she has some really cute outfit posts.

6. Adorable Dishes

I love a well designed dish. I have a hard time resisting grabbing every pretty dish I see when I am thrifting. So of course when I saw this I fell in love. These really are some adorable dishes, click source to check the rest of them out!

7. Spool Decoration

I really love when stores take the time to design and decorate well. Anthropologie does a GREAT job of this. This is not an Anthropologie store, but doesn't it look like something they would do?? Adorable!!

8. Camera Lens Mug

Seriously loooooove this! I say that about everything don't I... Being somewhat of a photographer I really appreciate the novelty of this mug. It looks exactly like a camera lens, but you can sip coffee out of it! I am pretty sure I need one...

9. Notebook Engagement Shoot

When I first saw this shoot I actually thought it was Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. But, no it is indeed a couple being shot for their engagement photos. I really applaud the photographer and whoever else made this shoot happen it really looks great!

10. Kling Clothing Line

I know I have included Kling photo shoots in Friday Finds before, but they are just so darn beautiful i had to add another! Seriously cute clothes, seriously cute photos.

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