Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Finds #4

Hey guys!! Let me catch you up on what I have been doing lately... My life has pretty much been school, work, sleep, and repeat lately. We all know taking summer classes will do that to you. In my little bits of free time I have been working on my "Brown Owl" studio. I am proud to say I have conquered the Ikea furniture and my desk and shelving unit is up!! I can't take all the credit though, I did enlist the help of my Dad and a trained professional, but that was only for minor help I swear! I will post pictures of how it is coming soon. It is in the "raw" stages if you will, because I have not gotten a chance to decorate yet, which I can NOT wait to do!! That has been what the bulk of my time has been going to. As soon as it's done I am going to go in there, shut the door, and not come out till I have made at least 20 headbands! I have some new colors I am going to work on, and some new accessories, even some home accessories!!! So stay tuned for that! I would love to get my headbands out there more, does anyone know of good craft fairs in North Carolina?? We don't get the super cool Renegade Craft Fair here or anything so I'm not sure what to do about that... Anyways, I think I'm going to let you look at these Friday Finds now, enjoy....

1. Cupcake Decorating Set

How cute is this?? Maybe it is because of my last post that i am on this ballerina trip, but I love these!! I love the combination of the floral cupcake papers and the pastel ballerinas. These would deff. look great on the table at a party.

2. Accessories Photo Shoot

I love this photo shoot for the Hopelessly Devoted Etsy Shop. I really want to get the headband pictured above!! It is so vintage and super cute! At this moment the shop is on vacation so I can not wait to look when it returns!!

3. Camera Collection

I have always wanted an awesome vintage camera collection. Since I love photography so much, and even do a little on the side, I thought it would be the perfect thing to collect and display. Mine is very small so far, so seeing this collection is great inspiration to look for some more!!

4. Color Profile Necklace

If you are a graphic design nerd like me, or even just love using Photoshop you will flip over this necklace! CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black) which refers to the inks that are used in some colored printing. Most designers have to set their documents in this color profile if they want to print what they have correctly. Seriously, a very clever necklace, I deff. want one!

5. Baby Owl Costume

I know by now it has been made fairly clear that I love owls. So of course I love this little costume to pieces!! Know that when I have a little one they will deff. be sporting this!! Ahhh I just love it!! P.S. Are those hands coming from the background not a little creepy?? I know the baby can't stand by itself but still...

6. Nancy Drew Stationary

Nancy Drew Mystery's probably got me through my middle school years, and for that I love them to death! Yes, I totally stayed up all through the night with the flashlight trying to find out when Ned was finally going to come help Nancy out of whatever predicament she was in. Now that I think about it, for how intelligent this girl was she sure got into a lot of stupid situations... Anyway, when I saw this stationary I fell in love! What a cute way to use those awesome book cover images! I might even frame some or make some art out of these because Lord knows I am not giving them away!!

7. Leather Camera Purse

When I saw this purse I fell in instant love, you may even call it love at first sight. But then I saw the price tag and started telling myself it's OK it probably still lived with it's mother. This pricey ($300) bag is sooo stinking cute! Of course I still want it, but I am going to have to catch this cutie on sale or maybe even get it as a gift!!!

8. JCrew Color Pallet

When I saw this picture the first thing that I thought was "What an awesome use of color!" The colors in this outfit are great! And really work well together!! I love love this color pallet and might even try this out sometime soon...

9. Scooter

Who doesn't want a scooter?! OK, so like three people just raised their hands, but who cares you probably are not very cool anyway, just kidding!! I really do want this scooter though! I have no idea where I would actually ride it (my streets are not made for such a small vehicle to safely drive down) but that is not discouraging me a bit. I think it is incredibly cute and would like this as a present also because oh sweet Jesus, look at the price tag!!

10. Short Video


I found this video while stumbling through blogs yesterday and LOVED it! I believe the girl that created this is French?? We'll, her blog is in French at least. So, I do not understand everything she writes but that does not matter when you have awesome visuals like this!!

Alright, that's it for today!! I am off to help the sister pick out an outfit for the PASSION PIT concert tonight!! Soooooo excited!!

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