Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Finds #3

Still haven't decided about the look of Friday Finds, I think I may stick to just random finds. Lately, I have been cleaning every spare moment I get when I am not at school or Starbucks. My room is sooo clean I love it!! I have also cleaned out the room I am going to use for my studio, now I just need to put my desk and shelves together. They are from Ikea, so wish me luck! I can not wait to have everything up and organized so I can get back to working on more headbands! In blog news I am going to start a new type of post soon. It will be called "Featured Favorites" so stay tuned for that! That's enough blabbing for today here are this weeks Friday Finds...

1. DIY Anthro. Inspired Light

I love this DIY! Ashley Ann came up with this while sitting in her daughter's room. Which goes to show, you never know where you are going to find your next inspiration.

2. Doily Envelope

How cute and simple is this?? I feel like I should have realized how to do this by just looking at a doily but, sometimes we need to see it done. I can not wait to give someone a note in this cute little envelope!

3. Bookcase Wallpaper

I have always pictured an entire room of books in my dream house. Wall to wall built in book shelves filled with old leather bound books. Well, now it can happen and for a lot less money!! This book wallpaper is sooo cute I really want to get myself some!!

4. School Photo Shoot

I thought this photo shoot was such a cute idea. I found it on Elsie's Blog (A Beautiful Mess) which is a constant source of inspiration. I am not sure if she did the shoot for fun, or possibly to promote her online summer school (which is pretty much a fun how-to about the scrap booking/craft world). Either way, I LOVE it.

5. Clever Wall Art

Oh how true is this statement. I would always rather be thrifting!! And now I can frame my love for this hobby and hang it on my wall!! Ashley has some other very cute artwork as well you should check out!

6. Kraft Paper Kiddie Table

I LOVE kraft paper. Seriously, I use it for everything. So when I saw this kiddie table I fell in love. The drawn on place mats are my favorite part. You do not need to stick to the square place mat design either, you can draw whatever you like. And what a cheap table cloth alternative!

7. Polka Dot Flats

Urban Outfitters always has the best shoes. I find a new pair I want every week. So when I saw these little cuties of course I wanted them! I am not always a fan of polka dots, but in moderation I love them!

8. Bird's Nest Ring

How could you not love this ring! I really want the gold one with the light blue beads (eggs). What a cute, creative idea. Etsy really has the BEST jewelry.

9. Holly Golightly Sleep Mask

How many of you wanted the adorable sleep mask Audrey was wearing in Breakfast at Tiffanys?? Well now, you can have it!! All thanks to Fred Flare. Sooo cute even if I never use it I still feel like I must get it!

10. The New Kindle Commercial

The Amazon Kindle commercials are always the best! Sooo creative! And of course, I love them because of the stop motion! Their latest one does not disappoint! Lovee it!!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Friday Finds! Me and Gab are off for an antiquing adventure! Check back soon for pictures from it!

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