Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Seen It: Gaslight

This movie is terrific! Not only does it have Ingrid Bergman (another of my favorite actresses) but it has a super interesting plot. It is another murder mystery, which you may or may not figure out by the end. But don't worry! Even if you do, the movie will not be spoiled at all. The story is basically: Ingrid Bergman's character's famous Aunt is killed, and she is sent away from the home she used to share with her. Later in life she meets a dashing, charming young man who marries her and takes her back to live at her Aunt's abandoned home. It is not the best choice of living arrangement, seeing as her Aunt was murdered there, but she reluctantly agrees to her new husbands wishes. While living there she believes she is beginning to go crazy; she forgets where she puts things, hears strange noises, and even sees the gaslight go up and down. The entire story leads up to a fabulous ending where you find out if she is truly going crazy or not. I promise you will love this movie!!


  1. Your etsy shop is cute and that bathing suit on your last post is pretty =)

  2. thanks so much!! and yes that bathing suit is on the top of my want list!!


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