Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thrift It: Vintage Dresses

I thought I would share some thrifted vintage dresses today!! These three are some of my favorites and you can not beat the prices!! One thing I do need to work on is my hemming skills. A lot of thrifted dresses are super long and need a good chopping to make them look more updated and stylish. Thankfully these three are at a pretty good length. I do have a couple of dresses I am working on getting hemmed soon and I will share those as soon as they are done! I also want to let you know vintage dresses are sometimes hard to come by at thift stores, don't get discouraged if you don't find some each time you go. You really have to hunt for them, and you will probably need to alter them in some way. Whether it is hemming, fixing a button, or small tare. I know it sounds like some work, and it is, but remember you only paid $4 for the dress which will probably make you feel better about it! Enjoy!!

$3.50 Value Village

$4.50 Salvation Army (this is actually the dress I have on in my polaroid profile pic)

$3.50 Value Village

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