Thursday, July 1, 2010

Featured Favorite: Timeless Vixen Etsy Shop

Hey guys, sorry about the lack of posting life has been busyyyy. Quick update: I have finished necklaces, pins, belts, earrings, and rings for the shop, but still need to work on a lot more. My shop stuff seems like it never ends, but I'm OK with that at least it is not boring work. I have also been thinking about where exactly I am going with my career and such. I have decided to take on some photography classes along with my graphic design classes to help up my photographic knowledge. Photography is really my first passion and Graphic Design comes second. I am hoping between the two of these I can use them harmoniously to have a doubly awesome career. Sounds logical, I think?? And maybe we can sprinkle in a little wedding planning and personal styling?? Oh boy!! I think it is actually more of a burden having tooo many things you would enjoy to do as a career. Too hard to choose!! I am deff. going to try to keep up the blog as much as I can especially with school starting up, I am sure I will have lots of projects with inspiring research to work on.
Anyways, here is what this post is truly about, my favorite Etsy shop ever!!
Timeless Vixen has got to have thee cutest vintage dresses I have ever seen. Thank goodness they are all over $300 or I would be tempted to buy every single one. They are based in Beverly Hills which makes me a little less upset about their awesome vintage finds because that makes sense. Beverly Hills = a large amount of awesome vintage dresses. Lord knows I am not finding these at Value Village in Charlotte!! Unfortunately I will not be purchasing any of their dresses anytime soon but they sure are fun to look at. For Timeless Vixen Vintage click HERE.

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