Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DIY: Tree Accessory Stand

So, I have had this idea in my head since I started making headbands, but just never got around to doing it. I am hoping to eventually bring my headbands to some craft shows and I knew I would need something to display them on. I thought, what better then a little "tree" to hang my flowered headbands on. Totally goes with the theme and everything. This stand can also be used for other accessories (necklaces, earring, bracelets) really whatever you want. You really do not need a lot for this DIY, just some time and access to a wooded area.

You will need:
1. A terracotta pot (whichever size you would like)
2. A circular foam base as close to opening size of the top of the pot as possible (found in the floral section of your local craft store)
3. Some moss (can be fake or dried, up to you, I think mine looks a little like broccoli haha)
4. A large branch (try to find one with as many little branches as possible so you can display more items)
5. A Glue Gun
6. Scissors or x-acto knife

First, lay the foam circle over the top of the pot and cut/carve off the excess foam so it sits snugly on the first dip in the pot. Next make a hole in the center of the foam with the branch you will be placing there. Fill the hole with tons of hot glue and quickly place your large branch in there. Hold it for at least 40 seconds to make sure the glue has dried and the branch will not tilt. Then hot glue clumps of your moss as desired on top of your foam. Clean up the excess strings of hot glue, and you are done!! See, totally simple and totally cute!! Here are some pics to help with the illustrating, have fun!!!


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