Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fred Flare, Vintage Clothes, and Empire of the Sun

Hey guys, life has been busy as usual. Summer classes just ended so I have one whole month off before school starts again!! I am going to try to work as much as I can on making tons of stuff for the shop. I am also selling all of my vintage clothes. I went through a phase in high school when I went vintage clothes hunting almost every week and because of this I have accumulated much too many of them!! They must all go!! Plus I need to save up for my camera and hopefully this will help with that little fund. I will be selling them on Etsy very soon! I of course will let you know when the shop officially opens. On a side note I just downloaded the trial for Photoshop CS5 and I really like it!! I have been working on creating and editing stuff like crazy because I need to squeeze it all in before my trial runs out! As far as the blog goes I am going to try to keep it up as much as possible! I really do enjoy sharing all of the things that I find throughout my day! You know when you get that feeling of "Oh my goodness this is the cutest/coolest/most amazing thing ever I just want to tell someone about it!" Well, my mom is really not that interested in what cool thing they just got in at Fred Flare sooo putting it on the blog is my way of telling someone! haha

Speaking of Fred Flare, I just have to say how awesome the internet is. Remember when it took 3 weeks on the midnight express to get a letter to someone?? Ok maybe you don't, I don't either but we have heard the stories. Well, it amazes me how not only can you send someone a letter or thought instantly but you have access to so many more people, and can make connections you would have never made without the internet. For instance, I put this picture of me up on twitter wearing some Fred Flare sunglasses I just got, and tagged them in the post and much to my surprise they replied on their twitter. I know this sounds so stupid but it totally made my day!! That may be a bad example of what I was talking about but, you get the basic idea.

Alright, I will stop gabbing, I don't usually write this much!! Partially because I am such a visual person. Pictures get the message across much better than words for me. I actually rarely read what people write on their blogs I just look at the pictures. Isn't that terrible!! I guess I should start reading them more! There are just so many I don't have time for the words...

Here's the picture I put up in my Fred Flare glasses!!

And here is what they wrote!! OMG I am such a dork!!

And just for fun here is a look at my desktop! Isn't that thee cutest thing ever?!! I wish I could find the artist who did it!!

And finally, this song has been stuckkk in my head, in the best way of course. And yes, I am aware of how weird this video is! But I just love the song!!

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