Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Finds #8

Can you believe I had too many Friday Finds to pick from this week?? I actually had to cut some, don't worry they will be in next weeks!!! I guess this past week has just been exceptionally inspirational. I have been working A LOT which is great for the bank account (actually not so much I am not exactly making the big bucks yet) but not so great for the creative project to-do-list because, I have no time! Hopefully I will get a schedule shift and have time to work on all the DIY's I have been eager to do. School starts very soon which will make life even more hectic so I'm hoping I will witness a miracle and get some free time before then. Anyways, I have been working on stuff for the shop and the studio and I really do promise to share them soon!! And I was also thinking about sharing some of my outfits, maybe have some "Wore It" posts. I am by no means a model but I really, really enjoy putting creative outfits together. I especially enjoy them because my job (Starbucks) really beats all of the creativity out of getting dressed (we are not even allowed to wear a different color shirt under our polo's). Communist dictatorship much?? Just kidding!! Needless to say I am in all black 80% of the week, so when I get a chance to put an outfit together I really enjoy it! I don't know?? we'll see... until then here is this weeks Friday Finds...

1. Bunting Cake

Of course I looove bunting (hence the bunting included in my banner) so when I saw this little cake I fell in instant love! I really enjoy baking and for a while I was on a cake making kick. All of my friends and family got a personal cake until I finally became to busy to do any more. Hopefully I can start making them again because it really is fun!

2. Floral Wallpaper

I am really obsessed with wallpaper aren't I?? I guess it is the "want what you can't have" condition. My tan walls will never see the day when wallpaper will be allowed on them but, like I said, when I get my own house it will be wallpapered from top to bottom, head to toe, wall to wall... You know what, I am all talk, I will probably be too scared and indecisive to ever wallpaper my house! But seriously, is this not the cutest floral wallpaper you have ever seen?!

3. Book End Table

Umm how amazing is this book table?? I would have never thought to put books together in this way. I really love how it looks! I don't even think it would be too difficult to make one of these on your own. I actually once made a shelf for nicknacks out of old books. I will have to do a DIY post on that one of these days...

4. Sharpie Decorated Basement

Wow. This man decorated his entire basement with $10 worth of sharpies. Not only is it a very brave undertaking, but a very difficult one too. I believe he did everything freehand, which means no room for mistakes. It really looks great! The style in which he drew is actually one of my favorite types of illustration. Love it!!

5. Floral Messenger Bag

The floral obsession continues... And Cath Kidston is deff. not helping with the recovery. She has THEE best floral merchandise. Even her floral patterns seem to be a step above the rest. It is true, not all florals are created equal. Too bad she is based out of England and the exchange rate is so stinking terrible. Or maybe it is a good thing... for my bank account.

6. Floral Dress

This may be my favorite dress of all time. Of course my future wedding dress will top this but, hello, it is supposed too! In the mean time this one will be at the top of the list. I actually found this on Ebay and it says it is from Anthropologie, but I never believe Ebay, although it does look Anthroesque. Can you believe after finding the dress of my dreams it was not in my size!! What a bummer...

7. Floating Vase DIY

I love this DIY! How simple and cute. In case you couldn't tell I am very into the simple DIY's. I am only slightly adequate with a hammer and a little above average with the sewing machine. So nice and easy works best for me. Such a nice way to add a little life and color to your wall!

8. Wedding Stop Motion Video

More stop motion! I really need to stop (no pun intended, oh that was bad) I must be driving you guys crazy. But I just LOVE this technique. Hopefully once I make one of my own stop motion videos I will get it out of my system... yeah sureeee I will...

9. Cute Wedding Details

I have three major obsessions in this world: 1. owls 2. florals and 3. weddings. It is not that I am in a huge rush to get married, I just really love the whole look and feel of weddings. They are supposed to be the most beautiful, elegant, happy days of anyone's life and I just love the delicate romantic feeling they have. My mom constantly tells me I should go into wedding planning and maybe one of these days I will... This adorable detail would deff. be included in my wedding planning! Uh! I just love it!!

10. Seychelle Flats

Seychelles!! These really are precious!! I also adore the color! I feel like they could go with so many outfits I already own. And the great part is they are flats. Sychelles tend to have tons of gorgeous heels, which are of course wonderful, but sometimes killer on the little toes. These flats look completely adorable and completely pain free.

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