Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Finds #7

Friday finds are back!! Sorry about the lack of them last week!! Here are some adorable finds I managed to squeeze in before leaving for work! Enjoy!!

1. Ruffled Table Cloth

Is that not THEE cutest table cloth you have seen in your entire life?? I love it soo much!!

2. Pretty Pastel Shoot

I love these dresses!! I want them all!!

3. Colorful Cake

[source] [source]
This reminded me of a Wizard the Oz party that was in my American Girl Magazine way back when. haha Sooo cute I love it!!

4. Porcelain Plate Wallpaper

Yes, look again those are not plates hanging on the wall, it's wallpaper!! Seriously cute!!

5. Owl Estate Sale Finds

I have a strong feeling that when I die my front yard will look very similar to this! If I had stumbled upon this estate sale I think I may have passed out with excitement!!

6. Plate Hook Display

Are plates a theme for this post?! No, just a coincidence promise!! But how creative and beautiful are these?? And very easy to make.

7. Printed Hankerchiefs

How cute are theses?! Would be a great present for the bride or groom, don't you think?

8. Pastel Retro Kitchen

My dream kitchen!! Oh the pastels!!

9. Mr. Anthropologie

Ever wonder who is in charge of finding all of those wonderful things in Anthropologie?? Well, it's this guy! Such an amazing interview! Not gonna lie, i would loveeee his job!

10. Telescope Necklace

How cute!! How creative!! I want it!!

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