Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Finds #6

Sorry about the missing Friday Finds!! Here is this weeks! I was wondering do you guys like Friday Finds? Or is it just a repeat of what you see online already?? It is meant to be a conglomeration of everything I see during the week that I like in case you are not crazy like me and follow 120 blogs. Just wondering what you think. Anyways, I am off to watch Gilmore Girls and work on headbands! Enjoy...

1. Flower Hat DIY

How cute is this DIY?? In a previous Friday Finds I talked about needing a big hat like this to fight the summer sun and keep my skin safe. Well, why not add some pretty pastel petals to that already awesome hat??

2. Carol Hannah on Etsy

Remember Carol Hannah from Project Runway? Well she was my favorite that season and I so wanted her to win! Sadly she didn't, but I still think her career is going pretty well from what I hear. Anyways, she has an Esty shop where you can get your very own Carol Hannah original!! They are a little pricey but deff. worth it!

3. Seychelle Booties

I love Seychelles!! They have to be the cutest shoes ever created! When I saw these on sale at Urban Outfitters I about screamed! Too bad that almost scream was followed by a quick plunge into depression after I realized I would have to wait for my next paycheck to get them when they would probably be out of my size...

4. Fools Gold Necklace

I remember when I used to collect these little chunks of fools gold whenever I went on class trips to any museum. I thought I was so cool with my big hunk of "gold." Little did I know that my awesome collection could someday make adorable jewelry. I really wish I had saved some of them because apparently the price of these little chunks has sky rocketed.

5. Alice in Wonderland in Central Park

I have a picture of my mom in a her little pea coat and candied apple pin sitting on the mad hatter's lap that I will cherish forever. She is only 6 years old in the picture and pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen. Ever since my discovery of this photo I have wanted to get a picture of my own on the Alice statue. I think I will probably be going back to NJ in November and hopefully we can take a little train ride to NYC.

6. Kling Summer Line

I love the look of this companies photos. Kling is a shop based out of Madrid with adorable clothing. Everything is in Euros so it's a little more expensive but all in all not too pricey.

7. USA Map DIY

I love this DIY partially because I have been thinking of doing this very thing for a while. Not with cork board (which is genius) but with something else, maybe even an actual map. I really want to put one in my studio so I can put a little pin in each place someone orders a headband from!

8. Baby Shower Invites

I loveeeee these shower invites! The pram, the pink shower drops, just everything is too cute!! Jen's shower is actually altogether pretty adorable. Be sure to check it out, teaser: it includes awesome mustache's on sticks.

9. Pretty Wallpaper

I love love love this wallpaper. The print and the color combo is perfect. My mom has never let us put any kind of color let alone wallpaper on our walls (prob. because we moved so much, hot pink would deff. not have helped the resale value). But, when I start my very own home I will probably be wallpapering everything...

10. The Impossible Project

I only have 3 packs of Polaroid film left and I am really scared to use them. Not that I don't know how, it's just that I don't want to use my precious 30 pictures on anything less then perfect. This Polaroid Project has given me a little hope. I really hope they keep it up and bring Polaroid film back!!

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